El Cajon Library D&D5


The group of Piyo, Juniper, and ____ are in search of Abdula, a criminal with a hefty bounty on his head. They stop by a small village in a desert climate. Juniper is close friends with a fellow by the name of Serek. They locate him to ask about Abdula but at first glance, he runs away from Juniper in fear. After they chase him down and tackle him, Serek begins pleading for his life. Juniper finds out that he has an enchantment on him causing him to react in fear when he sees her. She hides around the corner while Piyo tries to speak with him. Juniper finds two bats in broad daylight. Knowing this is not typical bat behavior, she is very skeptical that these are normal bats. _____ comes to see where Juniper went and investigates the bats. He tries to make friends with them but as it turns out these bats are being controlled by an unidentified wizard.

The wizard plagues the city with a swarm of 1000+ bats. Piyo runs inside a nearby house, ____ stays to fight of the bats, and Juniper locates and follows Serek to his house. Piyo speaks to some of the locals and one of them mentions that this happens whenever new strangers come about this village. ________ remains outside valiantly enduring and fighting off some of the bats but eventually falls after a long battle. Juniper is attacked by Serek who is in a state of terror and manages to escape into another room. He breaks in and she uses darts, a kettle, and her panther form to fight him but eventually falls. Serek has been broken out of his trance and now panics that his close friend is injured. Meanwhile Piyo fends off the bats with a torch and assists ______ then she heals Juniper.

Serek and the group are now discussing the following events. They believe Abdula may have something to do with thee strange occurrences. Serek mentions that Abdula’s main enemy is Hesha, another criminal. He advices them to locate her, befriend her, and acquire information to take him down.

notes: _____ = I forgot this characters name…feel free to edit.



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