El Cajon Library D&D5

Egg and Death

Rohr and Regret take the cleric down below the church of Sune where he gives them the cure. There is only the one vile. Regret takes some other unknown viles and two viles of the zombie dust. They hear the head cleric arrive with guards. They lock the door and manage to escape into a secret door. Beyond the secret door they find more tunnels like the ones by the graves including skeletons with zombie dust. When the guards catch up they lead them into a trap were the guards get zombie dusted. Regret reports the tunnels to Talon.

Juniper runs off after biting XY and finds an apothecary. Her and the group convince him to open his doors and he creates a cure. The Black Knight shows up and wants to kill Juniper before she turns into a zombie but the group is able to protect her.

Lyric finds a dragon egg that is very likely to be fertilized. After getting into the wrong hands and back to the right hands again, it forms a small crack. Sicerex finds out and is upset.

Sicerex reports to some of the group that she is aware of the situation and will send guards into the graves to investigate at once.

Part of the group heads to the tavern to call it a night. Cassio finds himself in a predicament when a noble woman claims to be the mother of the woman he was to wed. To his dismay , She pleads to come home to his family. Cassio denies her allegations. She is persistent but turns away when Molder is able to use magic to convince her she is mistaking him for someone else.

Meanwhile, Juniper, Xy, and Adgornath decide to split up and reside outside. Chaos breaks loose when they wake up faced with a hoard of zombies headed straight in their direction.



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