El Cajon Library D&D5

Return to Carchimich

The group returns to Carchimich after rescuing some people from goblins.

They see that Logain’s army of Carchimich soldiers and orcs surrounds the city not letting anyone in or out. They manage to sneak in.

Having arrived they stop a theft from a Bard, Calimon, a friend of Piyo. They stop the thief and find out it is Sabrina, Bunny’s sister. Questioning Sabrina, Bunny finds out that she was hired by Balrik, a powerful merchant in Carchimich.

They find what was being stole was a helmet with runes for enchantment on it. When Thakkian tries it on they find it takes control of the wearers mind. The group removes the helmet.

The group meets up with Ichouro and decide to visit king Alister to see if they can help.



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