El Cajon Library D&D5

Skeletons and Diseases and Bites, Oh My.

This week’s adventure starts off with the characters recouping after their ordeal with the man from Lichtown. After they do that, they make their way to the graves that had been previously dug up. Once they get to them, they find that they had all been dug up with amazing precision, and little evidence remained. However, one of the party found that a grave was slightly deeper than the others, and decided to jump in. Seeing their friend disappear, even more of the party jumped in after him, only to find that it lead to a small tunnel system.

After they had brushed themselves off and a rope was lowered down, they continued deeper into the unknown depths. There, they found walls that appeared to have been dug with claws, and a series of skulls along one of the walls, each one possessing a bag of a mysterious white powder. Due to a series of unfortunate events, a number of the skulls were destroyed, and the powder was released into the air. Some of those exposed managed to hold their breath well enough, while others were not so lucky. Once the dust settled, things took a turn for the worse when a number of skeletons began appearing from deeper down the tunnel as well as from the very walls themselves. Combat began, with all fighting bravely until one of their own, Cassio, was struck unconscious.

The party then made a tactical retreat, and managed to kill all of the immediate skeletons in the process. Returning to the above ground, it was found that three of the party had contracted something nasty from that white dust. They all decided to make their way back to town and seek medical attention for their sick comrades, but as luck would have it they came across two burning farm houses on the outskirts of town. Here the party split, with those infected going to the nearest church for help, and the others staying to help with the fire.

At the burning homes, screaming was heard inside, and the group sprung ready into action. Cassio climbed up the walls to get to the second story, where a girl could be heard screaming, Xy shot a wire wrapped arrow into the roof so people could get out more easily, and Baron TunnelRammer charged through the door with Mulder behind him. Cassio managed to get the girl out safely, while Mulder and Baron looked around for the man on the lower level. Finally finding him, Mulder carried him to safety as Baron destroyed the support beams of the house, causing it to crash down around him. He then poped out of the smoldering wreckage in mostly one piece, missing a bit of his beard. Xy had gone off to help the others in the church, who had been fairly equally as well.

When the infected portion of the party got to the church, they found an apprentice priest outside that was unable to help them. A bald, older man then appeared and ushered them inside to a room full of beds. There, he gave them all a prayer stone that he instructed them to hold onto. Juniper grabed onto it and held tight, while Roar and Regret seemed a bit more hesitant. Regret then noticed that, while the prayer stones were supposed to be from the goddess Sune, a symbol for the evil god Bane was hidden on it. He also noticed that Juniper’s hands, already gray and almost rotting from the disease, had begun darkening at an alarming rate. He then reached into his bag, and threw a handful of the dust he had saved into the priests’ face as he yelled for his friends to drop the stones.

Roar then jumped from the bed, grabbing the priest and shoving him into the wall as he asked for the real antidote. As Roar and Regret bickered in the healing room, Juniper wandered out of the church and met up with Xy. As soon as Xy called out in greeting however, Juniper had rushed forward and gave him a mighty bite.



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