El Cajon Library D&D5

The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider....

Northern adventure near Ankuiken continued

Xy meets up with the other’s outside of the temple to summon them to Regret’s aid.

To his dismay, Regret is stuck in a barn with a number of very large and intimidating spiders. His horror quickly turns into delight as He succeeds to tame one of the spiders. He has a quick light bulb moment and now plans to tame them, use them as possible mounts, and for other profits. The befriended spider decides to keep him secure in a a web and regret does not seem to mind nor struggle.

The rest of the group (Juniper, Roar, Xy, Cassio, and Adgornath) find Regret tied up with two hostile (and one protective) spiders. Juniper soothes one of the hostile spiders. As that is going on, the last hostile spider is headed for Adgornath and Xy. To their relief the spider fumbles, trips onto the ground, and is now stationary on it’s back. And in hopes of helping the spider out of pity Xy and Adgornath tried to calm him down. Although Xy failed in calming the spider Adgornath didn’t fail and he even healed the poor guy. But the spider stayed on it’s back till it was helped by Xy and Adgornath.

Regret finds he is able to communicate with the spider to an extent by using under-common sign. But in the truth he is only making fool of him self. And although Regret is quite fond of his spot on the web but decides it is time to be cut down by Cassio.

The group may be very preoccupied but they have not forgotten the task at hand. They need to herd the zombies into an area and summon the priests of Lethander to preform a mass ritual. Roar and Adgnornath are fed up and decide to leave to put their plan into action by using a noise distraction and flammable torches to lure the zombies to town hall.

Juniper tames the other spider. She then leaves with Cassio and Mauly (spider) in hopes to scope out the town hall they plan on luring the undead to.



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