El Cajon Library D&D5


After the last events that took place in the way to the Tavern with their meeting with both the dark figure luring a girl and the strange orc who seem to have a strange bag with an unknown objects, Faced with a critical choice of following one and leaving the other the company of the adventurers choose to split up with there new city native friend Jeivnt and follow the two. Piro the bard was the first to attack the dark figure with her magical song of agony, Thu she failed that did not prevent her from trying it again on the orc and by that made helpless, After that the other’s attacked the dark figure and even to uncover his hood by the help of Jeivnt with his arrow to only find out that he is a vampire, And as the prepared them selves for a hard fight Gabriel The Captain Of The Guard charging the vampire, Thu he fails and get knocked to the nearest wall and destroy it he rise up as unexpected werewolf and charge again, Hopefully in all that time the girl was saved by Mulder barely but while the vampire and the werewolf are still fighting, With the werewolf almost injuring him the vampire started flying up and vanish in thin air, And with that the werewolf turned back to his form and raced to the girl to make sure she is safe, Mulder didn’t stop him but he did listen to there conversation



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