El Cajon Library D&D5

travels and griffons and kidnaps oh my

today our adventurers claimed there reward from a reluctant mayor who had to be convinced that they still deserved there payment due to them letting the plague become common knowledge. after witch a babbling peasant brought them word of a town to the north in witch had mysterious disappearances related to a dark one in the castle and the party agreed to investigate there problems that is for a price and as they traveled the poor dragon born and female drow grew sick but xykel the male drow found a griffon in witch they intended to tame however this beast is not easily calmed and that is all they could manage except one of them who the griffon took a liking to as its pet and flew it up to its nest upon a cliff. after witch the rest of the party climbed with the sick people slowed xy and Cole were the first to arrived and calmed the beast once more for it was angered that its new pet would not feed xykel then managed to lasso and tie down the griffon whale its once pet sang it to sleep at this point the sick reached the top and together they pushed the sleeping creature off its cliff and to its death xykel then quickly took the one egg that was in the nest and determined that it would hatch in two weeks. they traveled one more week to town and upon arrival the fat childish ignorant mayor told them nothing more then the peasant had but the captain of the guard in witch the females of the group took a special liking to told them the smith had seen the last disappearance and that a winged clocked figure cared the victim into the sky and vanished. they now rest after a long travel preparing for this mystery that awaits them once they wake, But alas their rest is not to happen for in the way to the tavern the meet an giant orc carrying a large bag and on the other side the clocked figure tempting a girl with a strange way that looks too wrong to the party.



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