El Cajon Library D&D5

Welcome to Ankuiken

Characters have been in Akuiken for a short time. They are brought before the leaders of the town: Mayor Hailfire (elf general), Talon (dark elf underworld boss) and Sicerex (human mage, runs dragonegg trade).

They tell the group that a week ago graves have been dug up and the contents stolen. In the last two days the dead seem to push their way out of the graves. Also, a farmer and blacksmith’s daughter became zombie like. They ask the group to investigate. If they can find the cause of the body theft and zombiefication before the town panics they will each receive 25 gold (half if the town panics).

The group first investigates the blacksmith who is mourning his daughter. They find out a strange man had his horse shoed and then spoke with his daughter. They are able to find the robed man and cut him off as he tries to get away. They find out he is a knight of Lichtown also searching for the cause of the zombiefication which has plagued Lichtown. They agree to exchange information if they run into each other.



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