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Welcome to Ankuiken

Characters have been in Akuiken for a short time. They are brought before the leaders of the town: Mayor Hailfire (elf general), Talon (dark elf underworld boss) and Sicerex (human mage, runs dragonegg trade).

They tell the group that a week ago graves have been dug up and the contents stolen. In the last two days the dead seem to push their way out of the graves. Also, a farmer and blacksmith’s daughter became zombie like. They ask the group to investigate. If they can find the cause of the body theft and zombiefication before the town panics they will each receive 25 gold (half if the town panics).

The group first investigates the blacksmith who is mourning his daughter. They find out a strange man had his horse shoed and then spoke with his daughter. They are able to find the robed man and cut him off as he tries to get away. They find out he is a knight of Lichtown also searching for the cause of the zombiefication which has plagued Lichtown. They agree to exchange information if they run into each other.

Skeletons and Diseases and Bites, Oh My.

This week’s adventure starts off with the characters recouping after their ordeal with the man from Lichtown. After they do that, they make their way to the graves that had been previously dug up. Once they get to them, they find that they had all been dug up with amazing precision, and little evidence remained. However, one of the party found that a grave was slightly deeper than the others, and decided to jump in. Seeing their friend disappear, even more of the party jumped in after him, only to find that it lead to a small tunnel system.

After they had brushed themselves off and a rope was lowered down, they continued deeper into the unknown depths. There, they found walls that appeared to have been dug with claws, and a series of skulls along one of the walls, each one possessing a bag of a mysterious white powder. Due to a series of unfortunate events, a number of the skulls were destroyed, and the powder was released into the air. Some of those exposed managed to hold their breath well enough, while others were not so lucky. Once the dust settled, things took a turn for the worse when a number of skeletons began appearing from deeper down the tunnel as well as from the very walls themselves. Combat began, with all fighting bravely until one of their own, Cassio, was struck unconscious.

The party then made a tactical retreat, and managed to kill all of the immediate skeletons in the process. Returning to the above ground, it was found that three of the party had contracted something nasty from that white dust. They all decided to make their way back to town and seek medical attention for their sick comrades, but as luck would have it they came across two burning farm houses on the outskirts of town. Here the party split, with those infected going to the nearest church for help, and the others staying to help with the fire.

At the burning homes, screaming was heard inside, and the group sprung ready into action. Cassio climbed up the walls to get to the second story, where a girl could be heard screaming, Xy shot a wire wrapped arrow into the roof so people could get out more easily, and Baron TunnelRammer charged through the door with Mulder behind him. Cassio managed to get the girl out safely, while Mulder and Baron looked around for the man on the lower level. Finally finding him, Mulder carried him to safety as Baron destroyed the support beams of the house, causing it to crash down around him. He then poped out of the smoldering wreckage in mostly one piece, missing a bit of his beard. Xy had gone off to help the others in the church, who had been fairly equally as well.

When the infected portion of the party got to the church, they found an apprentice priest outside that was unable to help them. A bald, older man then appeared and ushered them inside to a room full of beds. There, he gave them all a prayer stone that he instructed them to hold onto. Juniper grabed onto it and held tight, while Roar and Regret seemed a bit more hesitant. Regret then noticed that, while the prayer stones were supposed to be from the goddess Sune, a symbol for the evil god Bane was hidden on it. He also noticed that Juniper’s hands, already gray and almost rotting from the disease, had begun darkening at an alarming rate. He then reached into his bag, and threw a handful of the dust he had saved into the priests’ face as he yelled for his friends to drop the stones.

Roar then jumped from the bed, grabbing the priest and shoving him into the wall as he asked for the real antidote. As Roar and Regret bickered in the healing room, Juniper wandered out of the church and met up with Xy. As soon as Xy called out in greeting however, Juniper had rushed forward and gave him a mighty bite.

Egg and Death

Rohr and Regret take the cleric down below the church of Sune where he gives them the cure. There is only the one vile. Regret takes some other unknown viles and two viles of the zombie dust. They hear the head cleric arrive with guards. They lock the door and manage to escape into a secret door. Beyond the secret door they find more tunnels like the ones by the graves including skeletons with zombie dust. When the guards catch up they lead them into a trap were the guards get zombie dusted. Regret reports the tunnels to Talon.

Juniper runs off after biting XY and finds an apothecary. Her and the group convince him to open his doors and he creates a cure. The Black Knight shows up and wants to kill Juniper before she turns into a zombie but the group is able to protect her.

Lyric finds a dragon egg that is very likely to be fertilized. After getting into the wrong hands and back to the right hands again, it forms a small crack. Sicerex finds out and is upset.

Sicerex reports to some of the group that she is aware of the situation and will send guards into the graves to investigate at once.

Part of the group heads to the tavern to call it a night. Cassio finds himself in a predicament when a noble woman claims to be the mother of the woman he was to wed. To his dismay , She pleads to come home to his family. Cassio denies her allegations. She is persistent but turns away when Molder is able to use magic to convince her she is mistaking him for someone else.

Meanwhile, Juniper, Xy, and Adgornath decide to split up and reside outside. Chaos breaks loose when they wake up faced with a hoard of zombies headed straight in their direction.

Zombies and Quest Items, What More Can You Ask For?

The party wakes up from a decent nights rest, only to find that the town has been overrun by the former town’s guards, now zombies. Being abruptly woken up isn’t pleasant for anyone, and some seemed to cope better than others. Mulder and Regret, having spent the time as usual in the upper class inn, came downstairs to find that the bar wench had been disemboweled by the undead. Making quick work of these foes, they then move on their way, although they become separated in the panic.

Juniper, who spent the night sleeping in a tree, decided to be the good Samaritan and tried to cure the nearest infected. Managing to bring him mostly back and then send him off to the church that had helped her previously, she then makes her way off to the apothecary’s place. Once there, she convinces him to make up as many of anti-zombie potions as possible. She runs into a bit of a problem though, as he is running low on a number of his materials. She promises to get him some more, and off she goes.

Damia spent her night in Sicerex’s tower, and also wakes up in the night. Looking from her window, she sees that there appears to be something burning in the town and makes her way towards it. Before entering all the way though, she see’s a number of infected shambling about. Sneaking past them, she then finds Juniper making her way through the streets. They then join forces, and make their way to the church of Lathander. Once there, they talk with the priestesses and find out that if they can get them a bale of fresh hay, they can preform a ritual and rid a large portion of the dead of their disease. Agreeing to help, they go off on their way again.

Roar also spent his night in Sicerex’s tower, sleeping with and protecting the egg. When he wakes up and see’s the town having trouble, he fashions a sling for the egg and makes his way to town as well. Once there, he finds a number of walkers about, and dispatches them quickly. He continues on again, unmolested.

Regret, after making quick work of the zombies in the inn, loots the corpses and goes outside. There, he see’s another zombie and decides to throw a rock at it. It lunges at him, and manages to do a bit of damage without infecting him. Regret then finishes off the zombie, but decides to take the head as a trophy. Seeing that it is still moving some after the beheading, he holds it away from him before continuing on. In his little walk around, he finds Roar walking about as well. Deciding to have a bit of fun, he throws the head at him. Roar, with impeccable skill and luck, hits the head while still in the air, right into Regret’s face.

Xy decided to bunk in the low class inn, but had the odd foresight to sleep up on the roof. Waking up to the sounds of commotion, he learns about the deadites and decides to jump from roof to roof instead of taking to the streets. Looking about, he finds that both Juniper and Damia and Roar and Regret are within a block or two of him. He heads off towards the R team first, and makes a number of impressive leaps before fumbling on the final jump, making the others aware of him. He then comes on down, and they make their way over to the girls.

They all compare notes, and learn what the others have been up to. While Juniper tells them all of the items they need for the apothecary and the priestesses, Roar becomes distracted by the sight of a stray dog farther down the street. Cooing and baiting the dog, it eventually comes over to him. He names it Rawr, and they become the best of friends before rejoining the group. Juni tells them that they’ll need some crystal shards, some rat’s fur, some powdered mandrake’s root, and the bale of hay for all the rituals of the evening.

Roar goes hunting for the rats, and manages to get a good sized one with Rawr’s help. They meet a couple of zombles whilst hunting, but they prove to be no match for Roar’s axe. He skins it and feeds to meat to his dog before rejoining the group. Damia goes after the crystal, and decides to break some window glass for her ingredient. She looks around, smashes a good sized one, and continues back to the gang. Juniper goes hunting for the mandrake’s root, and finds a herbalism shop with a good amount of the stuff. She pinches it, and goes back to the rest of the guys.

Xy and Regret go off to fetch the hay, and end up going to a barn on the edge of town. There, they find it all to be very quiet, but not fearing the zombies that may reside withing, they head into it. They find the hay quickly, and start to head out of the barn at a leisurely pace before XY notices that the door is closing on it’s own. They begin rushing out as quickly as possible, and just as it becomes almost too late, Regret hurls Xy and the bale out the door, barely making the shot through the ever shrinking hole, and follows with a tumble at the last second.

Once out, they rest for a minute before their curiosity overcomes them and they try and find out what’s inside the barn. Making a hole in the wall, all they can see appears to be a large furry pole, but when they look to the roof they see what appears to be a number of sleeping giant spiders. Regret, in a fit of synchronicity to Roar’s acquisition of a pet, decides that he really needs a spider mount. Refusing to leave the barn, he sends Xy with the hay bale back to town to get their druid friend to come and help them with the task at hand.

Juniper, Damia and Roar, after gathering all the needed items for Dennis the apothecary, go back to his place to get some of his potions. He refuses to let Rawr in under the pretext that he is covered in fleas, and is subsequently punched square in the face by Roar. Juniper and Damia send him out with the dog, and try to wake him back up. They manage well enough, and after a bit of soothing give him the materials so he can make his brew. They get solid dozen of the precious liquid filled vials, and head on back out. There, they see Xy lugging his heavy load towards the church. They go with him, and learn all about the ordeal with Regret before arriving at Lathander’s little church. They dump off the hay, and learn about what they need to do to cure the town. It seems the priestesses can do a cleansing ritual, but the party needs to get as many infected as possible into a single building, and the main hall is decided as the best location.

Roar asks if the women there can take care of his egg while he goes off, and one of them gives him an odd smile before agreeing to take real good care of it.

Return to Carchimich

The group returns to Carchimich after rescuing some people from goblins.

They see that Logain’s army of Carchimich soldiers and orcs surrounds the city not letting anyone in or out. They manage to sneak in.

Having arrived they stop a theft from a Bard, Calimon, a friend of Piyo. They stop the thief and find out it is Sabrina, Bunny’s sister. Questioning Sabrina, Bunny finds out that she was hired by Balrik, a powerful merchant in Carchimich.

They find what was being stole was a helmet with runes for enchantment on it. When Thakkian tries it on they find it takes control of the wearers mind. The group removes the helmet.

The group meets up with Ichouro and decide to visit king Alister to see if they can help.

The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider....
Northern adventure near Ankuiken continued

Xy meets up with the other’s outside of the temple to summon them to Regret’s aid.

To his dismay, Regret is stuck in a barn with a number of very large and intimidating spiders. His horror quickly turns into delight as He succeeds to tame one of the spiders. He has a quick light bulb moment and now plans to tame them, use them as possible mounts, and for other profits. The befriended spider decides to keep him secure in a a web and regret does not seem to mind nor struggle.

The rest of the group (Juniper, Roar, Xy, Cassio, and Adgornath) find Regret tied up with two hostile (and one protective) spiders. Juniper soothes one of the hostile spiders. As that is going on, the last hostile spider is headed for Adgornath and Xy. To their relief the spider fumbles, trips onto the ground, and is now stationary on it’s back. And in hopes of helping the spider out of pity Xy and Adgornath tried to calm him down. Although Xy failed in calming the spider Adgornath didn’t fail and he even healed the poor guy. But the spider stayed on it’s back till it was helped by Xy and Adgornath.

Regret finds he is able to communicate with the spider to an extent by using under-common sign. But in the truth he is only making fool of him self. And although Regret is quite fond of his spot on the web but decides it is time to be cut down by Cassio.

The group may be very preoccupied but they have not forgotten the task at hand. They need to herd the zombies into an area and summon the priests of Lethander to preform a mass ritual. Roar and Adgnornath are fed up and decide to leave to put their plan into action by using a noise distraction and flammable torches to lure the zombies to town hall.

Juniper tames the other spider. She then leaves with Cassio and Mauly (spider) in hopes to scope out the town hall they plan on luring the undead to.

travels and griffons and kidnaps oh my

today our adventurers claimed there reward from a reluctant mayor who had to be convinced that they still deserved there payment due to them letting the plague become common knowledge. after witch a babbling peasant brought them word of a town to the north in witch had mysterious disappearances related to a dark one in the castle and the party agreed to investigate there problems that is for a price and as they traveled the poor dragon born and female drow grew sick but xykel the male drow found a griffon in witch they intended to tame however this beast is not easily calmed and that is all they could manage except one of them who the griffon took a liking to as its pet and flew it up to its nest upon a cliff. after witch the rest of the party climbed with the sick people slowed xy and Cole were the first to arrived and calmed the beast once more for it was angered that its new pet would not feed xykel then managed to lasso and tie down the griffon whale its once pet sang it to sleep at this point the sick reached the top and together they pushed the sleeping creature off its cliff and to its death xykel then quickly took the one egg that was in the nest and determined that it would hatch in two weeks. they traveled one more week to town and upon arrival the fat childish ignorant mayor told them nothing more then the peasant had but the captain of the guard in witch the females of the group took a special liking to told them the smith had seen the last disappearance and that a winged clocked figure cared the victim into the sky and vanished. they now rest after a long travel preparing for this mystery that awaits them once they wake, But alas their rest is not to happen for in the way to the tavern the meet an giant orc carrying a large bag and on the other side the clocked figure tempting a girl with a strange way that looks too wrong to the party.


After the last events that took place in the way to the Tavern with their meeting with both the dark figure luring a girl and the strange orc who seem to have a strange bag with an unknown objects, Faced with a critical choice of following one and leaving the other the company of the adventurers choose to split up with there new city native friend Jeivnt and follow the two. Piro the bard was the first to attack the dark figure with her magical song of agony, Thu she failed that did not prevent her from trying it again on the orc and by that made helpless, After that the other’s attacked the dark figure and even to uncover his hood by the help of Jeivnt with his arrow to only find out that he is a vampire, And as the prepared them selves for a hard fight Gabriel The Captain Of The Guard charging the vampire, Thu he fails and get knocked to the nearest wall and destroy it he rise up as unexpected werewolf and charge again, Hopefully in all that time the girl was saved by Mulder barely but while the vampire and the werewolf are still fighting, With the werewolf almost injuring him the vampire started flying up and vanish in thin air, And with that the werewolf turned back to his form and raced to the girl to make sure she is safe, Mulder didn’t stop him but he did listen to there conversation


The group of Piyo, Juniper, and ____ are in search of Abdula, a criminal with a hefty bounty on his head. They stop by a small village in a desert climate. Juniper is close friends with a fellow by the name of Serek. They locate him to ask about Abdula but at first glance, he runs away from Juniper in fear. After they chase him down and tackle him, Serek begins pleading for his life. Juniper finds out that he has an enchantment on him causing him to react in fear when he sees her. She hides around the corner while Piyo tries to speak with him. Juniper finds two bats in broad daylight. Knowing this is not typical bat behavior, she is very skeptical that these are normal bats. _____ comes to see where Juniper went and investigates the bats. He tries to make friends with them but as it turns out these bats are being controlled by an unidentified wizard.

The wizard plagues the city with a swarm of 1000+ bats. Piyo runs inside a nearby house, ____ stays to fight of the bats, and Juniper locates and follows Serek to his house. Piyo speaks to some of the locals and one of them mentions that this happens whenever new strangers come about this village. ________ remains outside valiantly enduring and fighting off some of the bats but eventually falls after a long battle. Juniper is attacked by Serek who is in a state of terror and manages to escape into another room. He breaks in and she uses darts, a kettle, and her panther form to fight him but eventually falls. Serek has been broken out of his trance and now panics that his close friend is injured. Meanwhile Piyo fends off the bats with a torch and assists ______ then she heals Juniper.

Serek and the group are now discussing the following events. They believe Abdula may have something to do with thee strange occurrences. Serek mentions that Abdula’s main enemy is Hesha, another criminal. He advices them to locate her, befriend her, and acquire information to take him down.

notes: _____ = I forgot this characters name…feel free to edit.

Is the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or The Holy Grail?

The adventurers end up in stormhall castle. Thokk goes out into the forest and returns with a frightened magical rabbit wearing a jester’s suit. Roar speaks to the rabbit in Sylvan and finds out that the rabbit’s family was taken by Darius for unknown reasons. As he was running off with his family and important magic items taken from the mayor, Theodore (the rabbit) discovers Darius is heading to StormSet. The adventurers are sent to Storm Set via trading/cargo ship in hopes they can track down Darius. Jaro and Gull walk down to a further village while Piyo, Thokk, and Roar stay behind and speak to the dwarven shopkeepers.

The group of three notice that there are a lack of shopkeepers and after asking find out that villagers are being kidnapped constantly and are usually last seen aimlessly fleeing south to Amethyst Mountain. The mountain once belonged to a human warlock named Gwendolyn who is also known as “Lady of the Mine”. She went missing on that mountain years ago and the entrance of the mountain has been sealed up by unknown causes. The group of three manage to stumble upon some horses and give collateral to the stable owner so they can borrow the horses. They then head towards Amethyst mountain

Meanwhile, Jaro and Gull spend their time in a village. Before entering, Gull get’s an uneasy feeling about the mountain and realizes there is something involving magic with it. They cause a bit of unrest as Jaro becomes aggressive toward some of the Dwarven villagers and is then tackled and hit with frying pans and rocks. Meanwhile Gull attempts (and fails) to convert some chickens and villagers to druidism. After sometime Jaro attacks and wards off the villagers, Gets answers about rumors of missing Dwarves, then finds Gull, and takes him with him to amethyst mountain.


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