Useful Links

Main rule books can be found here:
Basic Rules

Character Sheets can be found here:
Character Sheets

House Rules:

PC Protection – a PC cannot attack or steal from another PC. This includes taking an action that would force another PC to take an action they would not like.

NPC Protection – a player can give an NPC the same benefits that a PC gets from PC Protection by calling it out (example: I give Hailfire NPC Protection). NPC Protection is revoked if the NPC attacks any PC or the players take a vote to remove NPC Protection. 2/3 must vote yes, to remove NPC Protection.


Experience is done differently. Here are the rules for experience:

  • You gain 1 XP per session.
  • You gain 1 XP when making an update to the Obsidian Portal page.
  • When you reach 5 XP you go up a level.


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