El Cajon Library D&D5

Is the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or The Holy Grail?

The adventurers end up in stormhall castle. Thokk goes out into the forest and returns with a frightened magical rabbit wearing a jester’s suit. Roar speaks to the rabbit in Sylvan and finds out that the rabbit’s family was taken by Darius for unknown reasons. As he was running off with his family and important magic items taken from the mayor, Theodore (the rabbit) discovers Darius is heading to StormSet. The adventurers are sent to Storm Set via trading/cargo ship in hopes they can track down Darius. Jaro and Gull walk down to a further village while Piyo, Thokk, and Roar stay behind and speak to the dwarven shopkeepers.

The group of three notice that there are a lack of shopkeepers and after asking find out that villagers are being kidnapped constantly and are usually last seen aimlessly fleeing south to Amethyst Mountain. The mountain once belonged to a human warlock named Gwendolyn who is also known as “Lady of the Mine”. She went missing on that mountain years ago and the entrance of the mountain has been sealed up by unknown causes. The group of three manage to stumble upon some horses and give collateral to the stable owner so they can borrow the horses. They then head towards Amethyst mountain

Meanwhile, Jaro and Gull spend their time in a village. Before entering, Gull get’s an uneasy feeling about the mountain and realizes there is something involving magic with it. They cause a bit of unrest as Jaro becomes aggressive toward some of the Dwarven villagers and is then tackled and hit with frying pans and rocks. Meanwhile Gull attempts (and fails) to convert some chickens and villagers to druidism. After sometime Jaro attacks and wards off the villagers, Gets answers about rumors of missing Dwarves, then finds Gull, and takes him with him to amethyst mountain.



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