Gods, Deities and Legendary Creatures

Gods and Deities :

Ab’rokal – God of Language and Knowledge

Arwan – Deity of Hunting and The Wild (The Huntress)

An’she – Deity of The Sun (The Elder Sun)

Bane – God of War, Tyranny and Hate

Bahamut – God of Justice, Wisdom,and Metallic Dragons

Dairlon – God of Battlefield and Warlords

Elune – Deity of The Blue Moon (The Moon of Hope)

Eso – Goddess of Family and Childhood

Grayera – Deity of Nature (The Life Tree)

Hamaliel – Goddess of Art and Music

Irulak – Deity of The Red Moon (The Moon of Blood)

Jadis – God of Warriors and Fighters

Kabal – God of Death and Torture

Lethander – God of Birth and Renewal

Lorak – God Mischief and Anarchy

Marrwon – God of Trade and Travel

Mu’sha – Deity of The Green Moon (The Moon of Grace)

Naxxramas – God of Ghosts and Undead

Ninin – Deity of The Sea and Rivers (The Blue Mermaid)

Sune – Goddess of Love and Beauty

Trithereon – God of Liberty and Retribution

Vo’nral – Deity of The Stars (The Hidden Star)

Legendary Creatures :

Drathas – The Ancient Dragon of Doom (The World Ender)

Muram – A Giant Sea Turtle (The Sailing City)

Gods, Deities and Legendary Creatures

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