Stormhall Castle

‘’ Death And Darkness, Fear And Failure,
They Are The Columns Which Stormhall Castle,
My Castle. Takes It Strength Of, It Hungers For It.

{{ The Dark One }}


Owner: The Dark One – The true owner’s of the Castle are unknown to these times. But it current owner is only known as The Dark One, The owner have no name to call him with, But he is famous by his reputation for being cruel and manipulative.
Population: Unknown

The Castle is an old manor of a great history where the old owner family used to make their celebration with the some of the town people, All was good till the curse begin then the owners just disappeared and the darkness of the castle over cover the town with sadness and fear.
What lies in the castle still till this day a mystery to all even the town people, But the true mystery is who control the events that transmuted the life of Stormhall in to the hell it is now.

Stormhall Castle

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